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Tax Services

Our experience in the areas of tax planning, tax consulting, mergers, acquisitions and international operations on a wide variety of industries in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean give us the necessary skills to handle matters and challenges of tax compliance. This includes advice to develop the appropriate structure for business investment, mergers and takeovers of transactions involving multiple jurisdictions, disincorporation of business lines, transfer of assets and securities transactions, as well as pre and due diligence on all tax aspects of business, as processes of pre-purchase or investment in business entities and operational evaluation. You will be able to refocus your energies on the reasons that you're in business, with peace of mind knowing that your needs are being addressed by our highly skilled professionals. GSA's tax services team will work with you to assure all of your income, sales and use tax compliance and planning needs are understood and completed within the appropriate tax administration time lines. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals can provide the following tax and compliance services:

  • Corporate and Individual Federal & State Tax Returns.
  • Sales & Use Tax Compliance and Reporting.
  • International Taxation.
  • International Tax Strategies for Inbound and Outbound business transactions to/from USA.
  • Tax Implications for International Ventures
  • Tax Planning and pre-immigration planning
  • Foreign Corporations, Foreign Sales Corporations (FISC) and Domestic Corporations for International Sales (DISC).
  • Tax compliance with FATCA rules for both international financial institutions, individuals and non-residents with financial interests in USA.
  • Assistance for residents in the implementation and enforcement under the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) to report bank accounts and financial interests abroad program.

Tax problems and back taxes.

GSA can help you resolve IRS and State Back Tax problems caused by unpaid State and federal taxes, unfiled returns, late filings and audits. Our clients do not have to know the solution, our professionals will advise the best way to solve it.
We can handle the following issues:

  • IRS penalties and interest
  • CP Letters
  • Tax Levy
  • IRS Bank Levy
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • IRS Audit
  • Small Business Tax Problems
  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP)
  • OVDP Streamlined Procedure

Tax Filing.

The United States income tax laws are complicated. It is better to hire a professional to prepare your personal or business tax returns. GSA provides qualified tax professionals to prepare and file tax returns. Beware of unqualified tax preparers who may overlook deductions or credits and may cause you or your business to pay more tax than you should. Unqualified preparers may also make costly mistakes causing their clients to incur assessed deficiencies, penalties, and interest.

Federal Income Tax Planning.

At GSA we commit with your tax planning in order to arrange your financial affairs beforehand so as to minimize your taxes as possible. You can reduce your personal or your business taxes in different ways, and each way has to be studied thoroughly to find the best alternative. Don’t let the tax returns deadline arrive, without doing a careful planning of each and every financial issue involved.