Petya ransomware: All you need to know about the cyber-attack and how to tell if you are at risk

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The global ransomware attack that hit major corporations from shipping giant Maersk Copenhagen Stock Exchange: MAERSK.B-DK) to the world’s biggest advertiser WPP (London Stock Exchange: WPP-GB), has affected over 12,000 machines, with companies and security researchers scrambling to find a fix. Ransomware is a malicious piece of software that locks files on a computer and demands payments to unlock them. The files on the computers are not accessible and are therefore useless. So far, major businesses have been attacked. You will know if you have been infected as a screen will appear demanding payment of $300 in bitcoin to unlock the file. Researchers have warned against paying the ransom because the email now associated with the hackers has been decommissioned, meaning even if you pay, there is no way to contact the criminals. If your organization is running a vulnerable version of Windows that hasn’t patched (updated with the latest fix) then your business could be at risk.


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